Lakeshore Town Council Sticks With Mail-In Ballots

Lakeshore Town council has chosen to maintain the status quo when it comes to voting.

Council shot down plans for internet and telephone based polls for the 2018 municipal election, choosing to stick with the vote by mail model used in the previous election.

Town Clerk Mary Masse says council felt residents just weren't ready for the change.

"Council seemed to have concerns over internet voting for seniors,” says Masse “Although telephone would be an option for them [voters], they [council] didn't feel that the seniors, or even some of the general public would be prepared at this time."

Masse told AM800 News the report she prepared for council outlined savings and the environmental benefits as the motivation to make the switch.

"The estimated amount we had will cost more for vote by mail” she says. “The estimate for internet and telephone was $90,000 and the estimate for vote by mail with tabulators is approximately $125,000."

The report brought before council did outline polling stations for those without access to phone and internet services, but with a May 1 deadline to make a decision for the 2018 election council didn't want to risk possible growing pains.

"There's always time for advancement in technology and people using technology. I could see future council giving consideration to internet and telephone voting," she says.

 Masse plans to bring digital voting back to council before the 2022 election in the hopes it will be an option with more time to educate voters.