LaSalle Approves Bus Shelters and Concrete Pads For Transit Service

The Town of LaSalle is gearing up for its transit launch.

Town council has agreed to spend $164,000 on bus shelters and concrete pads.

Director of Public Works Peter Marra says when the service launches the day after Labour Day, there will be four bus shelters in place.

He says the four shelters will be located throughout the bus route.

"The four that we're going to install now, they'll be two on Heritage Drive by the Windsor Crossing Mall, one at Front Road at Laurier and one at the Vollmer," says Marra. 

The service is free for the first three months and includes 95 stops.

Transit Windsor is providing the service after the city and the town reached a five year agreement.

The agreement will see two buses, paid for by LaSalle, run routes throughout 70% of LaSalle households.

The looped routes stretch from Front Road to St. Clair College.