LaSalle Bars Open For Business Early During World Cup

Soccer fans will have a place to grab an early morning drink during the World Cup.

LaSalle Council has approved a recommendation from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to allow establishments to serve liquor beginning at 9am during the month long soccer tournament.

The 2018 edition of the World Cup takes place in Russia meaning many of the games will have morning start times here in Canada, some as early as 6am.

LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya says Windsor-Essex is multicultural and residents are going to be watching the games.

"We recognize that there's going to be different times that people that have allegiances to certain teams will want to celebrate and it's paying respect to the cultural diversity of the community as well. You're saying we understand that you're going to be here rooting for your home country, have a beer on us sort of thing."

He says this is standard practice across the border.

"We go to the Lions Thanksgiving Day game and everything is flowing by 7am or 8am and you go to baseball games, it's the same thing. By licensing it and making sure that it's under control, I think is a good thing. They're in a licensed facility and they're able to control what's going on."


The G.O.A.T. opens in LaSalle (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Antaya says it's a safe and responsible move by the town.

"People are going to drink. By them allowing it in a licensed environment, it's controlled and we have Smart Serve and we make sure that people don't overdo it and law enforcement is able to keep an eye on it. So that's really important to the entire process in relation to rooting for your team and making sure that it's done in a responsible way."

The World Cup begins June 14 and runs until July 15.