LaSalle Council To Decide On Offering Transit Service

It's time for a final decision on bringing transit service to LaSalle.

After extensive public consultation, town administration is recommending buying two Transit Windsor buses and offering two looped routes stretching from Front Rd. to St. Clair College.

The venture comes with a $750,000 price tag in year one, due to start up costs, and then just over $300,000 each year after that.


Proposed transit route in LaSalle as well as costing (Photos courtesy of the Town of LaSalle)

Mayor Ken Antaya says this is something residents want. "Generally speaking, everybody was still in favour of the bus, even though it was going to cost them more money. It completes the community, it provides other opportunities as opposed to just simply jumping in your car and going somewhere. So, I think that we made that commitment based on the feedback from the community."

If approved, LaSalle would enter a five year agreement with Transit Windsor for service.

"A partnership with Transit Windsor makes sense," according to Antaya. "We made the commitment to the community that we're going to be introducing a transit service. We took a look at the other options of creating our own service or contracting it out to some other service that would be outside the region. Obviously, the one that made the most sense is partnering with Transit Windsor."

Council will discuss the issue Tuesday night at its regular meeting.