LaSalle Couple Disappointed Over Restaurant Closure

A major disappointment for a LaSalle couple, who were hoping to hold their wedding reception at Sunnyside Tavern.

The restaurant on Wahneta Ave. near Front Rd. was suddenly closed earlier this week, with staff being told via test message or when they showed up to work.

Dan Grant says he and his fiancee were planning a dinner and reception for about 120 people. He says he's shocked. "They told us that everything would be OK and don't worry about going out of business or closing or anything along those lines. No rumours, nothing.  Everything seemed legit, everything seemed OK with all our plans."

Grant also says he's doesn't have high hopes on his $2,000 deposit being returned. "If he can shut down the doors like that, I don't think he's going to give us the money back."


Photo courtesy of Google Maps May 2014

The property owner of Sunnyside Tavern, meantime, wants to set the record straight.

Murray  Troop says the closure of the restaurant was strictly a business decision and no longer wishes to operate it. "I'm hoping that the new operator, lessee will retain the staff that's there. I can tell you that all the people that work there now will be paid any monies they're owed."

Troop is also confident he will find a tenant. "The restaurant is going to be re-opened. It's a beautiful facility and I wish nothing but the best for the employees, I just want to move on. It's my decision not to operate the restaurant, so I'm just putting it up for lease."

Troop says he was unaware of an agreement for the restaurant to hold a wedding in July. "I would like to speak to him directly and I can say to him that if he has given a deposit it will be refunded."