LaSalle Fire Chief And Firefighter Honoured

A special recognition for two members of the LaSalle Fire Service.

Chief Dave Sutton and firefighter Ray Bondy have received the Exemplary Service Bar and Certification from the federal government for 30 years of dedicated service.

Chief Sutton calls Ray Bondy the perfect example of a traditional firefighter.

"He comes in with the same enthusiasm every day as he has in the last 30 years," says Sutton.  "Just a fantastic example of service to the community and he still thoroughly enjoys what he's doing.  So it's great to be able to give him the honour and recognize the 30 years of service."

Sutton says he and Ray Bondy have spent their careers together.

"I started a couple years before firefighter Bondy as a volunteer and he started about six months before me as a full time firefighter and we've basically grown up in the department together," says Sutton.