LaSalle Man Has Car Stolen During A Test Drive

LaSalle Police are investigating after a man had his car stolen during a test drive.

Investigators report that a man in the town was selling his 2008 BWM M3 sedan on AutoTrader for around $38,000.

The seller was contacted by a man who was interested in the vehicle and they exchanged several text messages.

Then around 10pm Monday, the seller got a call from the would-be-buyer, who said he was in the man's driveway and that his girlfriend had dropped him off.

The seller took the man for a test drive and when they returned to the home, the would-be-buyer asked if he could drive the car.

When they changed seats, the suspect drove away at a high-rate of speed, with the owner suffering some cuts and bruises as he was holding on to the passenger door.

AM800-News-LaSalle-Police-BMW-Theft-July 11-2018-2

Photo of a 2008 BWM M3 sedan stolen during a test drive in LaSalle. (Photo courtesy of LaSalle Police)

Constable Harbinder Gill says the fact the suspect said his girlfriend had dropped him off should have been a red flag in this case.

"There's a person here with nobody else around or claims that he's been dropped off by somebody, it's possible he got dropped off, but that should set off a red flag," says Gill. How did this guy get here and how's he going to get back if I don't sell him my car?"

He says sellers should protect themselves by asking for as much information as possible including the buyers drivers licence, phone number and even where they work.

Tell somebody in your household that you're going out for a test drive, take a picture of the person that's taking your for a test drive and text it to somebody," says Gill. "Ultimately, your safety is always more important than anything else.."

The suspect is described as a male in his mid-20's with a brown complexion, standing around 5-foot-9 with a slim build and light facial hair.

The stolen vehicle has Ontario plates BSNC686.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact LaSalle Police or Crime Stoppers.