LaSalle Mayor Pleased With Revised Hydro One Plan

The Mayor of LaSalle is changing his stance on a tree cutting plan from Hydro One.

Two weeks ago, Ken Antaya spoke out against Hydro One's proposal to remove about 100 trees near a transmission line stretching from Brunet Park to Todd Lane.

But after meeting with Hydro One officials on Tuesday, Antaya says the utility has come up with a different plan. "Certainly not as dramatic as they led us to believe originally when we had our first meeting back last August, when they indicated they were going to do a clear cut. This is more of a pick and choose trees, what they consider to be immanent danger."

"The scaled down version that they're proposing now is more accountable," says Antaya. "We can see that it attends to the environment but it also ensures the safety of the transmission line."

The 230-thousand volt line spans 6 kilometres between LaSalle and Windsor.

The trees that will be cut down are small saplings.

Work is scheduled to begin next week and is excepted to last four weeks.