LaSalle Mayor Pushing For Roads Study Completion

LaSalle's mayor is getting fed up.

Ken Antaya says, for a number of reasons, the County's 'Road Rationalization Study' has been put off for the past three years and roads in his town and other municipalities are suffering.

"I rant and rave on this issue and it hasn't changed yet."

The study is designed to prioritize road work, but Antaya says without the study nothing is getting done.

He says LaSalle is paying, but not getting much in return.

"We've contributed probably 15% or 16% of the County bill and, as far as the roads are concerned, we received less than 5% of the benefit. So, not that we're looking for any great advantage here, but we'd like to see some equity and take a little bit of pressure off our own local budget."

He says, at this point, they're working with old data.

"There are some roads in the County that are improperly labelled and that's what this 'Road Rationalization Study' should tell us. Then we can apply it to these roads and determine which ones qualify and which ones don't. Some can be eliminated, some may be uploaded, but until we get a buy in from all the member municipalities it's going to be a difficult chore."

He says all municipalities need to get on board as well.

"I'm not going to stop complaining about it and at least we've got it teed up. All we have to do is hit the thing. So hopefully this latest attempt, and I don't blame the administration of the County, I think that they're trying to get something rolling here. We need to make sure that there's a commitment from the lower tier municipalities."

Wednesday night, County Council approved a new timeline for the study.

If all goes as planned, the study will be completed by July 31, 2018.