LaSalle Police Search For Driver Who Struck A Youth, Stopped And Then Left The Scene

LaSalle police are searching for the driver of a vehicle that didn't stop and call police after hitting a youth.

Police say a woman was driving a burgundy SUV/van when she struck the teen on a bike Tuesday at 4:30pm at Michigan Ave and Maple Ave.

The woman got out of the vehicle and confronted the youth saying it was his turn to stop. 

"She said and I quote 'I was stopped and you were suppose to stop and it wasn't my fault.' " says LaSalle Police Constable Harbinder Gill. "She was possibly flustered and got into the car and left."

The boy, who was 14-15 years old, suffered minor injuries.

Gill says it appears the driver believed it was a four-way stop, when it wasn't.

"Any time you have anything like this happen, you need to stop and wait for the police, call the police." he says.  "God forbid the injuries could have been worse, in this case it was just scrapes and scratches to the elbow and legs."

The driver is described as a white woman, 40 to 50 years old, brown hair with a European accent.