LaSalle Police Warn Drivers to Slow Down


Anyone driving near St. Thomas of Villanova high school in LaSalle is being told to slow down.

LaSalle Police Senior Constable Terry Seguin says they have received an increased number of complaints about speeders on the roads near the high school including Canard Dr.

He says the complaints vary from people driving at excessive speeds to swerving and dangerous driving.

"It was during certain times of day that people were driving, that seemed to coincide with going to and coming home from Villanova, as well as during the lunch hours there," says Seguin.

Along with speeding, there have also been complaints about garbage being thrown out of car windows.

He says this is not a new issue and they have been in contact with the school.

"It's something that's gone on over a number of years, not necessarily just targeting the kids at the school, it's anybody whose using that particular roadway," says Seguin.

Police are reminding all drivers that the speed limit on Canard Dr. is 40 km/h.

"We've tried a number of different measures from increased enforcement to putting the radar display signs out there to bring attention to people's speeds," says Seguin.

As a result of the complaints, enforcement will be increased around the school and across the municipality.

Police have also received an increase in speeding complaints for Morton Dr., Todd Lane, Front Rd. and Disputed Rd.