LaSalle Residents Can Hire Trapper for Coyotes: Councillor Renaud


A LaSalle town councillor believes it may be one or two aggressive coyotes which may be causing the problems in town.

It follows another attack in June where a dog lost its eye after being attacked by a coyote on Bouffard Rd.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, Councillor Jeff Renaud says coyotes tend to be timid animals, but there are clearly a couple of them which has learned aggressive behaviour and are attacking.

"I can't really say there is too many but I will say, I believe there are one or two aggressive ones that  may need to be dealt with," he says.

Following a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Renaud says wildlife management is up to the town, but in LaSalle,  hunting is not an option and there is a 'no discharge' bylaw so residents can't shoot a gun.

He says residents can hire a licenced trapper for their property.

"The municipality has the right to hire a licenced trapper for our property and individuals who fear that their property is in danger can trap on their own property."

He points out the town can not hire a trapper for private property.

Lawyer and LaSalle resident Andrea Thielk  says there are some misconceptions that these attacks will only happen during mating season.

"These recent attacks are one-offs, so in other words, it is really not a problem and it will subside after the mating season,  I wanted to bring attention to the issue that that's not the case."

She says there was another attack on an 80 lb dog, which did cause a bite and had to get veterinarian care which did not receive media attention.

Renaud says the problem area appears to be around the St. Michael drain behind Bouffard Rd. 

Renaud says all of council agrees this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.