LaSalle's Vollmer Complex Celebrates 10-years Today

LaSalle's Vollmer Complex is only 10 years old, but it's on the senior circuit according to Deputy Mayor Marc Bondy.

The 248 acre multi-use facility was finished in 2008 and what started out as a double ice-pad, pool and exercise centre, and now has everything needed for an active life style including a skate-park and a splash pad.

Bondy says there will be free family activities for everybody at a celebration for the oldest municipal building owned by the town Sunday.

"People were talking about the event, which is nice, but when I told them it was the oldest building the municipality owned they were all 'it is, really?'."

He says having everything needed for recreation in one spot is an asset for residents.

"I skated in the old barn when there was no building, it was just an ice-pad," Bondy says. "For me personally that's been great and being the Deputy Mayor I think it's great other people come and say what a great centre we have with multiple things."

Bondy says the town takes pride in having something for everybody on site.

"Whether you're a senior who loves the swimming in the morning, and now the track has been sponsored so we have a big increase in walkers using the activity track," he says. "It's just nice to see that we have this facility to offer the residents."

The ceremony and festivities start at the Vollmer Complex on Laurier Parkway at 1pm Sunday.