LaSalle Slows Down School Zone Traffic

The town of LaSalle is reminding motorists that there's a hefty fine for speeding in front of schools.

In 2015, the town imposed a speed reduction in front of schools to 30 km/h.

LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya says it's important to keep the kids safe.

"A lot of people thought were excessively slow but then we're excessively cautious so that's not a bad thing to be, so for a few seconds you slow down in front of the schools and we're reminding them that it's there."

Ken Antaya says it's just in front of the schools, not much of an inconvenience.

"And it's just for a few seconds, if you were to really time how, that you're reducing your speed to 30 km. through the school zone and if you were time how long it takes you to get through that school zone, probably 30 seconds or less - and it's worth it, worth it to be extra cautious for that extra 30 seconds."

Ken Antaya says many motorists are in too much of a hurry.

"People complain about where the traffic tie-ups on malden road for example, where really it's just a couple of minutes and people really can't equate, i think they're used to getting home quickly and when they're delayed a minute or two then they figure they've got a schedule to keep for some reason, I don't know."

Antaya says the electronic speed signs and enforcement weren't there through the summer, but they'll be back now that school has begu