LaSalle Transit Launch Celebration Planned

The Town of LaSalle wants residents to get familiar with its new transit service.

On Wednesday, the town is holding a transit launch celebration.

Mayor Ken Antaya says the celebration will allow residents to ask questions and learn about fares, passes and bus accessibility for the LaSalle Route 25 service — named after LaSalle's 25th anniversary.

"I think it's a great idea that we'll have a bus there and people that are concerned about the transit service and whether or not we can accommodate certain things like bikes and lowering platform to allow those that have difficulty climbing stairs to access the bus," says Antaya.     

He says he's looking forward to the transit launch.

"This is a service that could set us apart from other municipalities in relation to getting around town," says Antaya. "I know it's going to cost us money, but it's something I feel, it doesn't complete us yet but it's a step in that direction."


Future LaSalle Bus Stop Sign (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

 The service begins the day after Labour Day and is free for the first three months.

Transit Windsor is providing the service after the city and the town reached a five-year agreement, which will see two buses — paid for by the Town of LaSalle — run routes by 70% of LaSalle households.

The looped routes stretch from Front Rd. to St. Clair College.

Wednesday's celebration takes place from 4pm - 7pm at the LaSalle Civic Centre on Malden Rd.