LaSalle Wants Residents To Sign Up For Emergency Alerts

Residents of LaSalle are being encouraged to sign up for the town's emergency alert system.

Fire Chief Dave Sutton says the system was launched about a year ago and some residents have already signed up but the town is hoping for more.

He says if an emergency occurs, an alert will be sent via a text message, phone call or email to those that have signed up.

But the town has yet to send out its first official alert.

"We haven't used it in an actually incident," says Sutton. "We've done a couple tests on the system to basically verify our data and confirm that the system is working as intended but I guess it's a good thing that we haven't had to deploy in an actual incident or emergency."

He says the system will be used for emergencies such as floods, large fires and evacuation orders but it is not to provide warnings about severe weather.

"Certainly if we had an area that was significantly impacted and we were out actively assisting residents and had information to pass along in regards to areas to avoid, special instructions and protective measures or whatever, we would implement the system at that time," says Sutton.

Chief Sutton says a couple tests have been done and a mock scenario will be held on Wednesday November 14th.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the alert system.