LaSalle, West Windsor Residents Warned About Prescribed Burns

If you live in west Windsor or parts of LaSalle, don't be surprised to see smoke in the coming days.

The City of Windsor in conjunction with the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources will be conducting a series of prescribed burns.

They are scheduled to take place in the Ojibway Prairie Complex, specifically in areas around Chappus St., Ojibway Park, Spring Garden Natural Area and Black Oak Heritage Park.

Windsor Corporate Leader for Parks, Recreation and Culture Facilities, Jan Wilson, says keep your eye on the sky.

"It certainly is weather dependent, there's usually a very small window that we can do it.  We are hopeful that will still be a go but we really have to wait and see how the weather.  Whether the weather's going to cooperate with us or not," she says.

The prescribed burns have been used for 30 years to maintain the health of the Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna ecosystems according to Wilson.

"It's intended to help get rid of the invasive species that are preventing the natural species from flourishing," she says. So what we find is after you do the burn it allows those natural species to grow and actually flourish in that kind of environment."

The prescribed burn is one of many activities parks staff will be conducting over the next few weeks as they clean-up over 200 city parks, as well as natural areas and sports facilities for use during the spring and summer.