Lawsuit Launched To Have Lake Erie Declared 'Impaired'

Environmental groups are filing a lawsuit to have Lake Erie declared 'impaired' due to algal blooms.

Under the Clean Water Act, 'impaired' is a designation that means water quality doesn't meet legal standards.

As reported by WBFO, the people behind the lawsuit accuse the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of failing to perform its duty to accept or deny Ohio's decisions on whether Lake Erie is 'impaired.'

Environmentalists say the western part of Lake Erie meets the definition, and listing it would help equip environmental groups clean up the lake.

The state of Michigan has already listed some of its portion of Lake Erie as 'impaired.'

Molly Flanigan is vice president of policy at the Alliance of the Great Lakes, one of the groups involved in the suit. "It should be a concern to people in Cleveland because depending on the wind, the size of the bloom and the tide, those harmful algae blooms in western Lake Erie can move into the central basin, and they have."

Environmental groups say they're trying to avoid catastrophes such as the one in 2014 that poisoned drinking water for more than 400,000 people in Cleveland.

Beaches were also closed on Pelee Island and residents were warned not to use water from the lake.