Lead Levels In Schools In Windsor Essex Low

An alarming report out of Toronto has found 30 schools in the province where the level of lead in drinking water is dangerously above the safe limit.

The province sets 10 parts per billion (ppb) as the safe level, those 30 schools are between 100 and 3100 parts per billion.

The Toronto Star report looks at almost every school and daycare facility in the province.

The good news for parents in Windsor Essex is that only 4 local schools are in the top 500 on the list and none of those are even close to the extreme levels.

Phil Wong, Manager of Health Inspection Windsor Essex County Health Unit, says the local boards have been very diligent.

He says updates to the school facilities has been a big help.

"Lead hasn't been used in pipes for many, many years and throughout the years any time there's been any retrofitting in our schools they were using either PVC or something like that or plastic so the lead is not really there" said Wong.

He says even where there are lead pipes, the danger is low because of the strict flushing procedures.

Wong says the boards have carefully followed any recommendations such as increased flushing, installing a filter or even replacing the system altogether.

A change in provincial regulation in July required testing for lead at every source of drinking water or water used for cooking.

Wong explains the safe limit of 10 parts per billion as 10 drops of water in an Olympic swimming pool.

These are the schools with lead levels over 10 ppb:

Sandwich West 19.5 ppb
General Amherst District HS 17.4 ppb
Riverside Secondary 16.9 ppb
D.M. Eagle 12.1 ppb