Leafs Playoff Run Stirring Up Business

It's been four long years since Toronto Maple Leafs fans have had a reason to hit a sports-bar for a game that mattered and local businesses are reaping the benefits.

Fans packed John Max Sports Bar Dougal Ave. for their match up against the Washington Capitals on Easter Monday.

Not a bad turn out for a Monday according to manager Mike Wetzel, but the previous two games had people waiting for somewhere to sit.

"We had a full house, a wait for tables, but yeah, everyone's enjoying the leafs back in the playoffs," Wetzel says.

Leafs fan Jordan Depauw was sporting his jersey and hat for the game.

Depauw says he likes watching playoff hockey, but having his team finally in the hunt for the cup gives him a reason to get out and enjoy the game.

"Oh yeah, every game, you always got come out because they haven't made the playoffs for awhile so you got to come out and support them whenever," says the 19-year-old. "When you're supporting your team it's acctually worth watching for once, I mean, you have someone to cheer for."

Bob Reaume Sports on Tecumseh Rd. E. doesn't usually get much interest in Leafs gear come spring.

Owner Bob Reaume told AM800 News Toronto sportswear sales have gone through the roof, but there was no where to go but up for a team that's usually golfing this time of year.

"Usually shortly after the all-star break leaf paraphernalia starts to slow down because they're just about eliminated," says Reaume. 

He says Toronto and the Montreal Canadians have been his best sellers with Detroit out of the playoffs for the first time in decades.

"They got in on the second last day so there stuff's kept selling well even though they're playing a team they probably shouldn't beat," says Reaume. "The excitement's still there."

The Leafs took game 3 with a 4-3 win in overtime Monday to take a 2-1 series lead.

Game 4 is Wednesday night in Toronto.