Leamington Exploring Transit Partnership

Leamington is undergoing a 'Master Transit Plan' study.

Mayor John Paterson says the town would like to partner with Kingsville and Chatham-Kent to offer a mini regional transit system.

Leamington has been running its own buses through the municipality for nearly 20 years.

Paterson says the service is well used and could use an expansion.

He says he's already been in discussions with Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos and Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope.

"Considering the possibility of working together, the three communities working together so that we could run a bus out to Wheatley and bring people back and forth from there and to Kingsville to bring people back and forth as well as adjusting our routes so that maybe we can head out to Point Pelee National Park."

Paterson says the idea has been tossed around for years.

"There's a lot of people back and forth shopping-wise and visitation-wise and Kingsville has the same thought. So the three of us mayors have talked about it for several years now and we're just finally getting to that point where we have this funding where we can do that study. Seeing whether it's affordable, whether it's even worth while considering and what we may need to do, what investments we may need to make."

Paterson adds, if the service becomes a reality it would likely be on a limited basis to coincide with the spring, summer and fall tourism season.

Leamington is getting just over $34,000 from the federal government to help fund the 'Master Transit Plan' study.