Leamington Hospital Name Change Looms

The board of the Local Health integration Network (LHIN) will be asked to approve a name change today for Leamington District Memorial Hospital.

If it gets the green light it will be re-named Erie Shores Health Care, which would go into effect April 1st.

Hospital spokesperson Bill Baker says this is a process that has been underway for about 3 years.

He says the name recognizes a number of changes in the health care landscape of the region:  "it better represents the area we serve, but also the type of health care we're providing we are now partnering with more than 20 agencies from a variety of types of health care, whether it be mental health addiction, stroke rehabilitation and a variety of 20 other agencies involved"

Baker says this has been done in partnership with the community through public consultations and meeting with political officials.

He says there will not be an up-front cost to the name change because things like latterhead will be altered over time.

Baker says the name change will better align the hospital with the foundation and the hospice which will all share a similar name.

He makes it clear this will not impact current hospital operations.