Leamington Man Found Guilty In Fatal 2015 Crash

A Leamington man has been found guilty of impaired driving in a crash that killed a pedestrian.

20-year-old Jamie Redekop was behind the wheel of a car in January 2015 when he struck and killed 55-year-old Robert Wallingford on Fox St in Leamington on a snowy dark night.

Redekop testified he wasn't intoxicated when the crash happened but he did admit to having one 40oz drink earlier in the day.

The judge didn't believe him.

The breath and blood tests showed he was around the legal limit but couldn't pinpoint the exact blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash. 

"It was possible he was over and it was possible he was under," says Assistant Crown Jayme Lesperance who said these cases are referred to as a "straddle case".

Outside Superior Court, Wallingford's daughter Tanya Monminie says she is pleased the judge found Redekop guilty.

"Nothing will bring my father back. No amount of punishment will ever adequately make up for the horrible tragedy," she says. ""We can maybe put this behind us and instead of focusing on the way he died, we can focus on the way he lived."

She says her father was a good man, a wonderful grandfather and is missed terribly.


AM800 file photo of defence lawyer Julie Santarossa

Defence lawyer Julie Santarossa says this is a tough outcome but her client is prepared to accept it.

"I have to say we are disappointed with the decision, but I think the judge gave this a considerable amount of thought."

She says Redekop has struggled since the crash and will ask for the minimum mandatory sentence which is a $1,000 fine and a one-year driving ban.

 A pre-sentence report has been scheduled for October 16th.