Leamington Moving Ahead With Uptown Planning

Leamington is taking concrete action to update and upgrade its Uptown area.

There have been extensive consultations with the community and businesses to determine what is wanted and needed.

Council has now hired RC Spencer and Associates to develop a comprehensive plan for the Uptown Master Plan and Mill Street West Sewer Separation and Road Reconstruction and Beautification.

The price for the plan is just under $225,000.

Mayor John Paterson says council knows where the work will start.

"This project is for the whole of the Uptown core, but the bulk of it is the focus on Mill Street and that's going to be our first big step in 2018 where we'll actually do some physical investment in capital infrastructure," says Paterson.

He says the plan will include a wide variety of details.

"What we should be doing with our sidewalks, bump-outs, bicycle lanes, traffic indicators single lanes, double lanes, sewer lines burying hydro lines or not just a widespread picture of what we want to see in the Uptown core," says Paterson.

He says council will see details early next year.

"This whole RFP, everything will be ready, the report will be ready by February 2018 so we can go to tender on the actual work that we will do on Mill Street to be our first foray into fixing our Uptown core area," says Paterson.

He says council is eager to get this project underway.

The town is seeking federal and provincial funding to help reduce the cost to municipal ratepayers.

Paterson hopes this is an update to the area that won't need major changes for another 50 to 100 years.