Leamington Pot Plant Backs Ontario Government's Future Plans

While many continue to digest Ontario's future plans for pot sales in the province, the CEO of Aphria in Leamington is applauding what he's seen so far. 

Vic Neufeld, CEO of the local marijuana producer, thinks the government's plan covers all of the bases.

Neufeld says he doesn't see the government's model expanding into lounges and other private networks.

"It will be very very much like how the LCBO moves forward," says Neufeld. "Retail channels that are being serviced by illegal grow-ops their days are now beginning to be numbered. The train has left the station as they say."

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Last week the Wynne government laid out it's future plans for pot sales in the province — 80 standalone stores with an LCBO style-model will be in place, with a proposed minimum age of 19 for use and possession.

Neufeld says the government's plan covers all of the bases

"It speaks to the safety, the reliability, the responsibility. It's covering a lot of key points that the government's objectives were trying to cover off.  You want to make sure there's enough safety elements and responsible regulations allowing that to happen. For example, age. So Ontarios now come out at 19. Whether people agree or disagree it's a very responsible age."

Neufeld says from pricing to the distribution, Ontario's plan is a good start for the province to build on it before weed becomes legal on July 1st, 2018.