Leamington Promotes Itself As Culinary Destination

Leamington is looking to market itself as a culinary destination.

It has launched "Taste Leamington" to help promote the town as a place for authentic cuisine.

In the uptown alone, there are over ten countries worth of restaurants which Culture and Tourism Developer Kyra Knapp says is unique for a town the size of Leamington.

Knapp says the initiative is designed to give those restaurants a boost.

"The real stars of the program are the various restaurants that we have in our community and it is the next step in our tourism strategy to help brand Leamington as a culinary destination."

She says the town will be helping the restaurants with some marketing.

"We also offer videography services and photography services to the businesses so that they can start branding their own restaurants as well.   A lot of the smaller businesses don't have the ability to do that themselves."

Knapp says if people are looking for something different, they ought to try Leamington.

"We have Thai and Vietnamese, we have Greek, Mennonite, Mexican Mennonite, Venezuelan, and local traditional North American, Portuguese, Lebanese."

Knapp says often 'breaking bread' is the way people connect with one another.

She says Leamington has been a welcoming community with migrants.

The different restaurants and menus are listed on the town's tourism website at www.onthe42.com.

— with files from AM800's Patty Handysides