Legal Aid Clinics in Ontario Fight Provincial Funding Cuts


Legal aid clinics across Ontario are rallying together to fight proposed funding cuts.

A Day of Action took place on Tuesday in 69 communities across Ontario, speaking out against the provincial government's plan to reduce Legal Aid Ontario funding by 30%.

A rally was held at Windsor's Charles Clark Square.

Amy Lavoie is a Senior Staff Lawyer with the Windsor-Essex Bilingual Legal Clinic.

She says her clinic is experiencing a $10,000 funding cut.

"At the end of the day we're looking at potential loss of services," says Lavoie.  "We're looking at issues where maybe perhaps we can't offer anymore legal education, law reform, representation."      

Lavoie says the clinics are trying to fight the cuts.

 "We are screaming and yelling and clawing and fighting our way to get either these cuts reversed or hopefully in the future, completely rescinded."

She says the cuts began in April but it's still too early to say how the cuts will impact her clinic which serves more than 6,000 people per year.

The cuts to Legal Aid Ontario are expected to reach 45% by 2021.