Legendary Amherstburg High School Coach Remembered

General Amherst High School students and staff are mourning the loss of a beloved  coach today.

Coach Dave "Scotty" Scott passed away yesterday afternoon after being diagnosed with ALS last year.

Scott coached basketball, football, and track and field, and staff say he bled black and gold, the school colours.

Gold dots the halls as football players wear their jerseys today in his honour.

Greg Scott is the Head of Physical Education and Dave's nephew.

He says Dave was dedicated to the community, and despite retiring in 2000, he continued to be a force on school grounds.

"He continued to be heavily involved in the school," says Scott. "He still kept coaching football and coaching track. You'd often times see him at one of our girl basketball games, or boys basketball games, or you might see him at a hockey game. So he still stayed very much involved with the school."

Standing in his football jersey, Grade 11 student Austin Hocebar says he got into football because of Coach Scott.

He said news of the passing hit hard.

"There were actually a lot of tears," says Hocebar. "(Current senior football coach John Rudak) didn't tell us until after the game, because I don't think he wanted that in our minds. But he told us after the game, and it was a big cry fest for sure."


Bryce Dougan (left) and Austin Hocebar (right) wear their football jersey's to remember Coach Scott. (photo by Kimberley Johnson)

School Principal Melissa DeBruyne says the loss is felt in the halls.

"It's a feeling here of a great respect for a man who has dedicated his life to the school," says Debruyne. "Right from high school, to teacher, to past retirement. And not just the school, but the community."

Greg Scott says his uncle wanted to spend his last days quietly.

"We're quite surprised by how quickly the disease progressed. A lot of people have the disease for a longer period of time. But with him it seemed to progress quite quickly. His wishes were that, you know, he wanted to spend his days out on the river front, and enjoy his days out on the porch."

Funeral arrangements have yet to be made.