Liberals Election Loss Called 'Catastrophic' For the Party

The results of the Ontario election are being called 'catastrophic' for the Liberal Party.

After being in power for 15 years, the Liberals finished the night with just seven seats, one shy of official party status in the Ontario Legislature.

University of Windsor Political Science Professor, Lydia Miljan told AM800's 'The Lynn Martin Show' you need official party status to access money that the legislature gives to parties with more than eight seats.

She says if you have fewer than that you just don't get all those resources which makes it that much more difficult to become relevant and rebuild.

Miljan says the Liberals could regain official party status if the governing Conservatives give it to them..

"The Conservatives could do that but the question is, why would they?" asks Miljan.  "This is a party that has said we will cut the waste and cut the corruption and why would you then hand the Liberals a blank check and give them help?"