Library Branch Considered For Mega Hospital

Two major city institutions are pledging to work together on sharing resources in the future.

Both the Windsor Public Library and Windsor Regional Hospital will join forces to have a library branch included in the proposed Acute Care mega-hospital.

The idea was official announced at the Fountainbleau Branch in east Windsor.

WPL Board Chair Peter Frise says this is literally the start of a conversation:  "really at this stage I'd say we're making a list of the questions that need to be answered and we won't know what the eventuality would look like or what any of the service could look like until we have the answers to those questions"

Frise says it's important to get this on the record before formal planning for the hospital begins.

Library CEO Kitty Pope says 40-percent of the inquiries they field relate to health care issues.


Officials from Windsor Public Library and Windsor Regional Hospital announce plans (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

WRH President and CEO David Musyj says it's a great idea and a true synergy: "we're going to have a library anyhow at the hospital, the library board has been looking at this region for quite some time with respect to its needs for a library, why not come together pool the resources pool the ides and when 40% of the questions relate to health care, what a better place"

Musyj says there hasn't been an announcement yet from the province on going forward with the hospital, but he remains optimistic.