Library Main Branch Moving To City Hall

The Main Branch of the Windsor Public Library is moving to spare space at the new city hall.

When the new city hall building was created, additional space was added on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors for future use.

That future is now here and council has approved spending $1.3-million to relocate the main branch to those areas.

The new space is considerably smaller at 14,000 sq ft compared to more than 100,000 sq ft at the current building.

Library CEO Kitty Pope says they've determined how some of the space will be used.


Windsor Public Library CEO Kitty Pope announcing temporary location for the main branch, June 25, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"The 4th floor will hold our adult fiction, our community living room, it'll be very much like the main floor at Central, just a little smaller. And the 5th floor will resemble our second floor at 850 Ouellette with quiet study areas our non-fiction collection, our public access computers and our study space"

Pope says they're already beginning the transition plan.

"Library staff will begin working on transition plans to ensure the branch at City Hall is a welcoming public space while continuing to serve the information and reading needs the community around 850 who we've serve for the last 47 years"

She says the new space comes with a new approach to helping patrons.

"The new customer mode at City Hall combines our customer service pledge which defines excellent public library services as well as welcoming and efficient with a balanced and diverse collection.  But this new branch is also going to be mobile and it's going to be personalized"

The alternative for council was to move the branch to the first floor of the Goyeau Parking garage, which would have cost $4.1-million.

The library has to be out of the current site at 850 Ouellette Avenue by the end of June 2019 when the Downtown Mission takes over.