Limited Mail Delivery Due to Freezing Temperatures

These bitterly cold temperatures is preventing regular mail delivery in Windsor-Essex.

CUPW Local 630 President Phil Lyons says priority mail, like passports and cheques, are still getting through but he admits that mail carriers walking door-to-door aren't happening Thursday, January 31.

"It is limited for now because obviously we really need to be careful with people's health," he says.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, he says any delivery will be done by vehicle with two people, so the outdoor exposure is limited.

"Red letter boxes are being cleared, your Xpresspost which is a lot of passports and stuff, we are trying to get those out, if we see cheques in there, we will try and get those out to out customers," says Lyons.

He says the local joint health and safety committee, which is a joint committee between the union and management, reviews the temperatures, wind chill factors and then try and come up with solutions.

Temperatures have reached record breaking lows and it feels even colder with the wind chill.

The Extreme Cold Warning continues today until Friday.