Lisa Gretzky Takes The Win In Windsor West

It was an easy win for Windsor-West NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky.

She had 20,276 votes earning 52% of the vote over her challengers the PC Adam Ibrahim who had 11,073 votes and Liberals Rino Bortolin who had 5,762.

She says she feels great about the win, appreciates the support but admits the province-wide results are a letdown as the NDP votes were more concentrated in areas.

"It will be us New Democrats to ensure that the services that people rely on are not going to be cut by a Conservative government," she says.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters at the Legion Branch 255 on Wyandotte St. East, Gretzky became emotional.

"There is someone who couldn't be with us tonight and that's my mother-in-law, Marilyn Gretzky," she says.  "Marilyn actually passed away last week.  But she wouldn't want me doing this right now, she would be here celebrating with us and tell me to knock off the crying."

She is hopeful that the NDP made gain in the number of seats and expects the NDP to form government in four years.

Despite a second place finish, Ibrahim says it was a great ride and it's been a long time since the PC's had a presence in Windsor-West.

"There's a lot of excitement in the room and we started this campaign a year and a half ago with a lot of momentum, a lot of support and the people in this room, the volunteers, we've broken barriers in this riding," he says.  "For us to finish in second, that alone is an accomplishment for the PC Party of Windsor-West and this is something that I'm very proud of."


Windsor-West PC candidate Adam Ibrahim with supporters on election night June 7, 2018 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

He says he has to give a lot of credit to his volunteers which ranged from Grade 7 students to seniors.

"Without them hitting the pavement with me all year and a half in the -25C, boiling sun, rain. They've been with me thick and thin and it's been amazing."

He believes the PC Party will be a great thing for the province of Ontario and will move the province in the right direction.

Ibrahim says it's too early to say if he'll run again in four years, but he does plan to stay involved in some capacity with the PC party.


Windsor-West PC Adam Ibrahim on election night June 7, 2018

Finishing a distant third was Liberal candidate Rino Bortolin who first thanked and praised Premier Kathleen Wynne.

"There's been a lot of comments about the Premier, there's been a lot of comments about my comments about the premier.  At the end of the day history will write the book as one of the best Premiers that we've ever seen in this province."

He quickly pointed out that he is planning to run again in Ward 3.

"This was the beginning and it brought a lot of us together, it's not going to end," he says. "We were joking at the campaign office with the kids, I'm like Forest Gump I just keep running for something.  So municipal campaign starts soon, I'm not going to say when.  'Run Forest Run' Not tomorrow"

Bortolin says he knew fairly early on he would not win, but coming third was a surprise.

Final results:

Windsor West 
Adam Ibrahim (PC) - 11,073 (28.4%)
Krysta Glovasky-Ridsdale (Green) - 1,393 (3.6%)
Rino Bortolin (Liberal) - 5,762 (14.8%)
INC - Lisa Gretzky (NDP) - RE-ELECTED 20,276 (52.1%)
Chad Durocher (None of the Party Above) - 435 (1.1%)

Polls Reporting -72/72
Voter Turnout - 43.8%
Votes - 38,939/88,804