LISTEN: Cannabis Retailer Picks Windsor To Set Up Shop

A North American cannabis retailer has picked Windsor as one of two locations in Ontario for a retail shop.

'Starbuds Canada' announced this week it has secured property in Windsor and Whitby in advance of the anticipated announcement that Ontario will allow private stores to sell marijuana.

"Knowing the environment that we dealt with in Alberta in particular under the private retail scenario, there are some advantages to being a first mover and we have had a ton of inquiries from entrepreneurs across Ontario," says Starbuds Canada President Dave Martyn.

The company will lease the space, which will likely open in early 2019.

Martyn won't disclose the exact location in Windsor as the company is waiting for regulations regarding provincial licensing and zoning criteria.


Starbuds Canada and Compass Cannabis Clinic President Dave Martyn (Courtesy of Brookline Public Relations)

Martyn points out Windsor has a lot to offer.

"Certainly on the leasing side, it is a much more reasonable leasing cost than you would find in a market like Toronto for example, great local operating partners is always a factor and a good mix of demographics and population base."

The shop will have a strong educational component and will cater to regular marijuana users as well as first-time users.

"These are going to be very nice retail locations," he says. "There is a high investment in them, great look and feel."

Starbuds was the first retail outlet to receive licensing when Colorado legalized recreational cannabis.  It then expanded into Canada as 'Starbuds Canada' and partnered with Compass Cannabis Clinic which is a medical cannabis consultation company.

Small amounts of marijuana is set to become legal in Canada October 17.