LISTEN: Devastating Blow To Windsor Central Little League

A major blow to the Windsor Central Little League.

A rash of break-ins to local concessions stands has hit the club...again on Ypres.

The group says the league's trailer and storage box were broken into Sunday night and it has 'pretty much been cleaned out.'

It is the third break-in the group has suffered since last season and it is being called the 'worst of the three.'

"We had a generator that was brand new, just bought a month ago. I'm going to say $10,000 at least," says Donna Standel, club president.

She says it will no longer be able to operate the temporary snack bar this season and until the new building and surveillance are up, it will not try to replace anything.

"I'm just really overwhelmed," she says. "I just would like to see this project completed, it has been long awaited and I mean the club has been getting very frustrated, the parents are frustrated, the kids are frustrated, it is really disheartening."

The former building was torn down to make room for a library and Standel says the city promised a new building last season--which hasn't happened yet.