LISTEN: Essex MP Shocked By President Trump's Comments Following G7 Summit

The MP in Essex and NDP are standing behind Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the wake of comments by U.S President Donald Trump following the G7 summit in Quebec.

Trump called Trudeau dishonest, weak and a back stabber in his criticism of tariffs imposed on Canadian aluminium and steel.

Trump later tweeted threats about imposing tariffs on the auto sector which Essex MP Tramsey Ramsey says would be devastating for southwestern Ontario.

"We stand united in our country against this type of rhetoric by our largest trading partner and neighbour and speaking of our Prime Minister this way is not acceptable to us," says Ramsey.

She believes the comments by the U.S President are an attempt to position the U.S to gain something out of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Ramsey believes what happened on the weekend was shocking and is only making an already tense situation, worse.

"When President Trump and the U.S weren't getting what they wanted of NAFTA, they started talking about auto tariffs and now have launched an investigation into our auto sector and this is to me a misunderstanding of the way this sector works or the way the jobs work."

Ramsey says for the past year and a half, Canada has been in an 'unprecedented and difficult time' with the United States.

The Trudeau government told Trump he needs to get rid of punishing tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum if there's any hope of renegotiating NAFTA.  Trudeau said in his news conference Sunday that Canada will not be pushed around.