LISTEN IN: Mosquito Season Not Far Away

The Windsor Essex County Health Unit is about two weeks away from beginning its mosquito larvaciding program.

It comes just as a survey from the United States puts the Detroit area just outside the top 10 mosquito prone cities.

Health Inspector Joel Barrington says the Detroit area and this region often have similar mosquito populations.

He's hoping the harsh winter might make a difference.

"Usually with warm winters and rainy spring it causes more mosquitoes to be breeding and present," says Barrington. "But with the extreme winter conditions this past winter hopefully the population will be smaller."

He says they don't have any sense of the mosquito population yet, adding "we haven't conducted any larvae dipping or anything as of yet, usually that takes place around May and our surveillance program for West Nile Virus will begin around the 21st of May."

Barrington says the best thing people can do to minimize the populations is to remove any standing water and don't leave standing water on pool covers — other items like tires and bird baths can also hold water and be breeding grounds for mosquitoes.