LISTEN IN: Public Meeting To Be Held Regarding Amherstburg Police Takeover

The group in charge of deciding the future of policing in Amherstburg will hold a public meeting.

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission is currently reviewing Amherstburg's application to have Windsor police take over policing responsibility in the town.

In an email to AM800 News, the Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunals Ontario says, 'due to public interest in the matter, the OCPC has advised the Municipality of Windsor and the Town of Amherstburg that a public meeting will be held.'

Details of the date, location and time of the meeting will be released shortly.

Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo is not surprised or concerned stating the OCPC is doing its 'due diligence.'

"When we talked to them [OCPC], the big issue is that we are the first to embark in a process like this, as most municipalities follow the general rules to switch to the OPP," says DiCarlo.

DiCarlo believes the town exceeded all requirements such as holding four public meetings, when it only needed to hold one.

Ultimately, he says the decision is no longer in the town's hands.

"I think they [OCPC]  will agree that Windsor's proposal will provide adequate and effective policing and it would just be more afframation that we did everything right."

The OCPC's role is to decide whether the proposal will provide adequate and effective policing services to the town and will ensure that appropriate severance arrangements, if necessary, have been made.

The proposed takeover was met with mix reviews from some residents.

The town would save roughly $567,000 per year if it made the switch to Windsor police.  The contract, if approved, would go into effect January 1, 2019.