LISTEN IN: Special Meeting Of Amherstburg Police Board This Afternoon

The Mayor of Amherstburg isn't jumping to conclusions after finding out Windsor Police Service is under investigation.

It was released Wednesday that over the first four months of the year, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission received multiple complaints from members of the Windsor Police Service that raised serious concerns about the workplace environment, the administration and the oversight provided by the board.

Aldo DiCarlo says he was just notified about the investigation via e-mail from the OCPC and his initial reaction was 'concern.' 

"The OCPC is a body that you don't generally hear from unless there is an issue, so any time I get something from them, that would be my initial reaction regardless of what it is we're receiving," says DiCarlo.

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission initially advised the Windsor Police Service and the Windsor Police Services Board that the investigation should be kept confidential.  However, with an upcoming public hearing related to contract policing in Amherstburg, the OCPC decided to disclose the facts about an investigation.

DiCarlo says it's obvious to him that the delay in Amherstburg being notified of the investigation was based on the position of the OCPC. "So in that respect, I do feel a little more comfortable in knowing that this had nothing to do with how Windsor preferred to proceed and everything to do with how the OCPC felt it was best to proceed," he says.

Amherstburg's Police Services Board will meet at 5pm today to discuss the matter.

The OCPC is currently reviewing Amherstburg's application to have Windsor police take over policing responsibilities in the town.

A public hearing is scheduled for June 26th.