LISTEN IN: Survey Launched On Equestrian Use Of Local Greenway Trails

A survey has now been launched to find out what people think about horses on the greenway trail.

Some equestrians have approached the Essex Region Conservation Authority requesting horseback riding be allowed on 20km of the Cypher Systems Group Greenway trail.

Currently, it is not designated for horseback riding but it is allowed on 20-30 km of the Chrysler Canada Greenway.

"We have had some concerns from other user groups such as cyclists, walkers, dog walkers or runners as well, regarding equestrian use, especially during certain times of the year of how they might damage the trail surface," says Kevin Money, director of services for the Essex Region Conservation Authority.

"Obviously manure is the other concern," he says.  "Although we do have some rules in place that says you have to pick up after animals and that includes horses, not everybody follows those rules unfortunately."

He says the feedback will be presented to the board of directors who will make a decision in the fall on whether to expand equestrian use to the Cypher Greenway.

Click HERE for the survey.