LISTEN: Welcome Centre For Women Receives Boost To Help Children

The Solcz Family Foundation has given the Welcome Centre Shelter for Women a boost which will help to focus on children.

It has donated $30,000 for the Child Advocacy Program which is a year-long pilot project that has never had the funds to be carried out, until now.

Shelter Strategic Partnership Manager Kristin Douglas says the part-time position will work with children who walk through the doors with their caregivers to try and address their needs.

"The family is the primary focus so in that case it is the caregiver that is the primary focus," she says.  "We are housing first, our funding is housing first, sometimes the child is left behind with their needs and we don't know what the needs are for that child."

The Welcome Centre Shelter For Women applied for the grant and Douglas says the organization was 'beyond excited' to be able to give this position a chance.

She says children who are homeless, along with their caregiver, have distinct needs that can now be addressed.

"A lot of kids necessarily when they are staying with us at the shelter are not in the same jurisdication as the school they normally go to and parents don't have access to transportation, dietary needs and emotional support."

The shelter supports over 250 families and over 500 children annually.

Solcz Family Foundation Kyrsten Solcz says the program will transform the way children experiencing homelessness receive support.