LISTEN: Windsor Seeks 1,000 Workers To Work Municipal Election Day

The City of Windsor is looking for some enthusiastic and energetic workers willing to work election day.

It is looking to hire about 1,000 workers to act as greeters, tabulator officers, deputy returning officers, registration clerks, parking attendants and emergency workers.

Executive Initiatives Co-ordinator with Records and Elections Terri Knight Lepain says students and people who are retired are encouraged to apply.

"The requirements are pretty general," she says.  "We are looking for folks who are enthusiastic about municipal politics who are interested in their community, who are familiar with the areas in which they live."

They are paid positions ranging from $200 to $300 a day, depending on the work.

Lepain adds people who are interested, also need to be willing to work a 12-hour day.

"The poll is open from 10am to 8pm, but the employees are required to be there from about 9am to 8:30-9pm so it is a long day."

The municipal election is set for October 22, 2018.

People who are interested should apply online on the city's website.  

There is a quick 5-minute interview and training will be provided.

Click HERE for a link for the application on the city's website.