Local Association of REALTORS Turns 100-Years-Old

It is the second oldest association in Canada and it is responsible for $2.1-billion in property transactions last year.

The Windsor-Essex County Association of REALTORS became Centenarians on Thursday and will mark the occasion with seven months of celebrations and thank you's.

On April 12, 1918, a small group of real estate agents decided to organize when they formed the 'Border Cities Real Estate Board' which compromised of Ford City, Walkerville, Windsor and Sandwich.

The local association has 972 members.


Windsor Essex County Realtors Association President Daniel Hofgartner. April 12, 2018 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

Association President Daniel Hofgartner says the credit goes to the members 100 years ago. "It is our forefathers that really brought this profession into the Essex County community 100 years ago and we are actually the second oldest real estate association in Canada."

As for the current climate, Hofgartner says it is a tough market right now because the inventory of homes for sale is low. "In Essex County, it is the first time in many many years, maybe 30-40 years that we don't have enough homes for sale right now and this is why we are seeing so many buyers bidding on homes, trying to get into a house, there is just not enough homes for sale and there are more buyers than there are sellers."

The local association has donated $5,000 to the Humboldt victim's families and it will challenge other associations across the country to match it. Hofgartner says it's about giving back. "Hockey is a part of being Canadian, it is part of the fabric of our society and constantly realtors reach out and donate when it is needed."

The association will also attend a number of events this year to mark its 100 year anniversary including Harvest Fest, Comber Fair, LaSalle Strawberry Festival and Harrow Fair.