Local Business Owner Donates to Alzheimer Society

Ground Effects Ltd. is once again assisting the local Alzheimer Society.

The company will donate $50,000 towards the CaregiverRX Matching Gift Campaign. 

It's the third year for the fundraiser, where the community is being asked to donate $50,000, with Ground Effects matching the $50,000 donation.

Owner Jim Scott says the Alzheimer Society is a great organization and he's asking the community to support the cause.

"We're putting up $50,000 this year as we did the last two years and the good news is that both those years we exceeded that $100,000," says Scott.  "So we've been talking to our friends and colleagues and suppliers saying hey come on board and help us out."      

Scott adds a member of his family has been diagnosed with dementia.

"Just recently my wife's stepfather has really struggled with it and as I said he was at a nursing home last night with us and he thought I had a beautiful home and it wasn't my home at all," says Scott.  "We just think that we're all getting older I guess and our families are getting older and it's just a great cause to support."       

89-year-old Marjorie Brown was diagnosed with dementia nine-years ago. 

She says with the society's help, she's her own caretaker.

"Up to now things have been pretty smooth but I must admit that most of it because of the help I get here at the society," says Brown.  "My family is scattered across the United States and Canada so I'm pretty well on my own."  

The fundraiser topped more than $100,000 in the first two years.

Money raised supports local caregivers. So far, $18,000 has been raised for this year's campaign, and you can donate to ther campaign HERE.

There are more than 7400 in Windsor-Essex living with dementia.

The fundraiser wraps up at the end of May.