Local Businessman Seeking Mayor's Seat In Windsor

A familiar name will once again be on the ballot in the City of Windsor.

Ernie Lamont has filed his nomination papers and is seeking the mayor's seat.

Lamont, often referred to as the Baconman ran in the 2014 election and finished fourth in the mayor's race.

He believes it's his time and says there needs to be a change in the city.

"This mayor and this city council together as a group have done nothing positive for the city of Windsor in the last four-years," says Lamont.  "When I become mayor of Windsor I may act like Donald Trump but Donald Trump gets things done and I'm going to make Windsor the place to be in 2019."    

He adds he's running his campaign with his own money.

"I'm just an ordinary Joe not kissing anybody to run my campaign, if the big guys don't want to donate to me or help me out fine but when I get in don't come knocking on my door and saying Ernie we're surprised you got in but don't expect any favours from me," says Lamont.       

Lamont ran for the ward 8 council seat in 2010.

Mayor Drew Dilkens has yet to announce his intentions.  Also running for mayor is Tom Hensel.

The municipal election is October 22nd.