Local Captain, Fishing Company Fined For Spoiled Fish

Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources and Foresty is slapping a pair of fines for local commercial fishing violations.

Adelino Pombinha of Leamington is being hit with a $5,000 fine after pleading guilty to allowing fish to spoil. A numbered Ontario company based in Wheatley was hit with a $2,500 for the same offence.

Pombinha captains the "Ethan P." commercial fishing vessel.

On March 6, Pombinha left a number of nets in Lake Erie and came back on March 9 to pull the nets back in, but left 2,600 ft (795 m) of net in the water.

Court heard he never came back.

The abandoned nets stayed in the water for 65 days before ministry officials pulled them out on May 9 and found 1,940 lbs (880 kg) of dead fish including walleye, white bass and yellow perch.

The case was heard on August 14.