Local Catholic School Board Files Court Injunction To Prevent Pickets From Delaying Teachers

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board has filed an application for a court injunction to prevent striking workers from delaying teachers from getting into the classroom.

370 support staff went on strike October 17th which has caused major back-ups for teachers getting to school especially at the secondary level.

"This is a step we feel we need to take," says school board spokesperson Stephen Fields.  "We have been getting calls from parents ever since this began asking what it is that we are doing to try and protect their child's right to their education."

Fields says the board has no problem with the pickets.

"We have said all along that people have the right to go on strike and have pickets and that means handing out information on what their issues are."

In some cases, teachers are only able to enter the school after lunch.

No new talks are planned and there is no word when the application will be heard in court.