Local Community Supports The Roehler Family

The Roehler family in Windsor is hoping their story will inspire others to give blood.

A blood drive was held yesterday at the Windsor Blood Donor Clinic on Grand Marais Rd. E.

The Roehlers son's Christian and Lukas suffered a rare immune deficiency disorder. Lukas was able to get a life-saving stem cell donation, but Christian unfortunately did not and died at just 15 months old.

Kristopher Roehler says spending so much time in the hospital — he saw just how much blood is needed.

"Both of my sons together needed a 152 blood donations, so we relied on other people to do that and now we're asking other people, can you do the same and people no matter what are willing to come out and help," says Roehler.

He hopes people aren't scared off by needles.

"I hope that people aren't afraid of a little needle," says Roehler. "I always say the person on the other end received many more pokes then we have. I don't like them either, but at the same time, I know it's only a momentary little poke but in the end it's fine."

Another clinic is planned in December.