Local Conservative Pleased O'Leary Enters The Leadership Race

An executive with the Windsor-West Conservative Party Riding Association is not surprised to see Kevin O'Leary enter the federal leadership race.

Al Teshuba He feels it will boost the leadership platform not only for the party but for the entire country. "Kevin O'Leary brings a very unique prospective and a very unique background into Canadian politics obviously very similar, I'm not going to be the first one to describe it, as Donald Trump," says Teshuba. "Like in the sense coming from the business community, independent, beholden to nobody." 

Teshuba adds he's glad to see O'Leary running but is not endorsing him just yet. "Certainly he brings a certain dynamic and a certain attention that would warrant more of a focus on the overall discussion."

In announcing his decision, O'Leary said "Canada needs a prime minister who will kick-start the economy, adding Justin Trudeau doesn't stand a chance against U-S President-elect Donald Trump.

There are 14 candidates seeking leadership of the federal Conservative party.