Local EMS Raising Flags To Prevent Suicide

Today is Suicide Prevention Day and members of Essex-Windsor EMS are helping to raise awareness.

Yellow flags are being flown at all the EMS stations across the region.

EMS Chief Bruce Krauter says they're full in support of the initiative.

"We're a strong supporter of Canadian Mental Health and suicide prevention.  We've been part of the program now for the past three years, supporting it on their working group and we support it with different venues one being the flags being flown at all the stations and recognize suicide prevention"

Krauter says the Suicide Prevention Walk this coming Sunday involves the whole community.

He says they've recognized first responders can also need help.

"Even if they don't need it, if they know somebody that may need help there's one number to call. That if they feel somebody needs help our peer support team will go out and get them and talk to them and if we have to get them help we will get them help.  So there's multiple avenues"

The Suicide Prevention Walk starts at the St. Clair Sportsplex Sunday September 16 at 9 am and there's a 2 and 5K walk.

-- with files from Zander Broeckel --